Methods For Curing Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally - 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Published: 28th January 2011
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Many women are searching for the methods to get rid of bacterial vaginosis and there are lots of women experiencing recurrent bouts of this infection. Symptoms of BV include itching, burning sensation during urination, and a bad odor. This generally occurs in between periods or just before your menstruation where hormonal imbalance may occur.

Nevertheless, there are some methods that can help you to eliminate your bacterial vaginosis and below are some suggestions that may assist you to get rid of this disease naturally:

Hygiene And Cleanliness

You must be cautious while cleaning after bowel movements. By doing that you will prevent the varied anal bacteria from getting to the genital area. Thoroughly wipe the anal and vaginal areas with anti-bacterial toilet tissue or wipes. Additionally the vaginal area should always be dry and clean.

Get Tea Tree Oil

This substance has antimicrobial properties and you can use it by way of either douches or tampons soaked in it. It may also be added to bath water and bath oils, especially if the oil includes apple cider vinegar.

Don't Have Intercourse While Healing

Some people think that this situation is caused from multiple lovers. While it could be a contributing factor, you need to know that not everyone who suffers from BV has even had intercourse. However, you really need to know that by continuing any sexual activity, you are in fact helping the infection to spread further, which can lengthen your curing time and cause big problems for you in the future. So keep away from intercourse for some time, you'll be really happy you did.

Healthy Diet

One more vital aspect which you should pay attention to as a part of bacterial vaginosis natural cures is your diet. You need to eat food which can help you heal your infection faster. A good diet comprising of many vegetables, grains, clean water and different fruits is important. Go in for organically grown vegetables and fruits as much as you can.


Garlic has excellent antibacterial components and is likely one of the oldest and most helpful BV natural cures. It's best if you can eat it in uncooked form. You can even get garlic capsules from health food stores. Alternatively wrap garlic in gauze and use it for vaginal application to get immediate relief from vaginal odor.


Yogurt is helpful in encouraging the growth of natural bacteria in the body and is without doubt one of the best all natural cures for bacterial vaginosis. Insert the tip of the tampon into yogurt and then put it into your vagina for a few hours. You may also consume about three cups of probiotic yogurt every day till all of the symptoms of vaginosis subside.

There are also more methods to treat BV, including douches, washes, and different lotions containing anti-bacterial materials.
Anyhow in case you really want to heal your BV quick and naturally I will recommend to follow a proven program that can provides you with a step-by-step directions on how to get rid of your bacterial vaginosis naturally.

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I hope that it helps, Good luck!

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