Woodworking Tips - Popular Woodworking Router Tricks For Newbies That You Must Follow

Published: 19th October 2010
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One of the most versatile tools one can find in any woodworking shop is a router. The router is used to trim, edge, detail, drill and hollow out different areas of wood. The functions of a router are only limited by the type of router bit you're using, and by your innovative thinking! Depending on the router bit you select, you'll be able to completely change the skills of this great tool. Woodworking with the router is an important skill you must learn.

Here are a few tips for you so you should utilize your router well.

Woodworking Router - Tip number One

consider how you will be hanging onto the wood router whereas it's cutting. Are the handles comfy sufficient for steady use? Do the shape and materials of the handles mean you can management the wooden router properly? Some of these woodworking tools are also out there with "D" handles (at extra price) which may offer you higher control and feel. One wood router from Milwaukee even presents a padded grip around the exterior of the router base. One hand goes on the rubber grip while the opposite goes on a conventional knob.

Woodworking Router - Tip number 2

Router bits come in three shank sizes, one-quarter inch, three-eighths inch and one-half inch. The half-inch shank bits are just slightly more pricey than the quarter-inch ones and nevertheless, they will provide you a distinct advantage. With a larger diameter shank and a larger diameter collet, there is much less chance of slippage under heavy loads. Take into account buying just half-inch shank bits, especially if you are spinning huge cutters.

Woodworking Router - Tip number 3

Put on eye protection, gloves and a breathing mask. Run the router in a counter clockwise direction around the wood stock, throughout the grain on both end of the board first and then cutting with the grain. At all times move the router so it is cutting into the wood in the opposite direction of the spinning bit.

Woodworking Router - Tip number four

Double test to be sure you're using the right bit for the model of cut you wish to make. Be very cautious when handling a bit by the sharp end And all the time ensure you are carrying protecting gloves so you don't damage yourself.

Once you start utilizing your router, you'll begin to see all the different things that you'll be able to do with it. It is such a versatile tool, and for a lot of woodworkers, it's their favourite tool in their workshop. Choose a router that's the best choice for you, and you may quickly discover that it's one of your favorite tools too!

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